The perfect blend of genuine joy & attentiveness with an air of southern elegance to create a one-of-a-kind wedding photography experience.

The faint scent of rose petals drifts in the air. The melody of a violin begins to softly play as a father smiles through brimming eyes at his not-so-little-anymore little girl. The crowd hushes and quietly murmurs as the back doors slowly open. A groom stands with a lump in his throat, fighting back tears. A bride smiles radiantly as she locks eyes with the love of her life. A train of satin and lace trail behind her as she makes her way down the aisle to the start of her forever. After all this time...It's finally here.

I've found that the best moments in life are the ones that are fleeting. Sometimes we don't realize just how amazing a moment is until it's just a memory. Through intentional, storytelling wedding photography you'll be able to remember every detail of the beautiful life you are creating from that very first day on. Together you are weaving a beautiful legacy, and I'm honored to help you document it so you can relive it in all it's glory over and over and perfectly preserve it for years to come.

This is the moment you've been waiting for.

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I'm erica burleson

I'm forever enchanted and inspired by romance and entranced by delicate details and luxurious florals. You'll find me behind the camera swooning as you say your I do's and not so discreetly wiping a tear away as you dance with your daddy.

I'll be there to hype you up through the day, probably squeal with delight at "that good light" and somehow manage to work a Taylor Swift lyric into conversation. I'm a sucker for romance with a huge heart for love and marriage, and not even afraid to admit it. I can't wait to get to know each other better! 

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mississippi wedding photographer

You dream of an extraordinary wedding with beautiful photos that perfectly document your one-of-a-kind romance. You want photos that reflect how you FEEL about each other. I get it. But, I believe that wedding photography is more than showing up and delivering a gallery of pretty images. I believe that the whole process from booking to delivery and beyond, should feel absolutely natural and coordinating with an old friend.

I aim to give you the wedding experience that you dream of from that very first moment. Through a streamlined booking process, curated vendor lists, expert advice in my personal resource collection and my timeline creation process, I help ensure that every aspect is smooth sailing with all your questions answered before you ask them. I'm with you 100% of the way. 

Your love story is incredible and your wedding photography experience should be as well. We strive for a stress free, enjoyable wedding photography journey where we are more than a vendor, The Erica Burleson Photography Wedding Experience is crafted for busy brides that just like you that don't want to have to guess if things will be taken care of right.

It's about more than just really pretty photos.

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LUxurious wedding photography for joyful couples who treasure genuine moments, sentimental details, and most of all...each other.