just a Jesus loving, goofy pair of photogs who just so happen to be in love. We still believe in true love and living life intentionally. We love mission work, spending time with our kids, and traveling. Keep reading to learn more about us!

Tyson & Erica Burleson

I started helping Erica here and there with weddings and grew to love the business. I often see things from a different perspective than she does, and prefer wider angles, so we compliment each other well. 



I'm a mother of 3 who also balances a career and my business, so I know the importance of capturing all the little moments in life. I love delicate details and intimate, loving photos and I love telling a story with images. 

chaos coordinator • caffeine lover


A Few of our favorite things

Thank you so much to Melody Ellis Photography for the photos of our crew you see on this page!