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You love your business, but wish you had more time for other things in life that you love, like maybe, your family...or sleep. You may feel so blessed to be busy in this season, but also feeling the pressure and feeling overwhelmed? I feel you. 

One thing I'm passionate about in this business is helping other photographers along their journey. Whether that's with educational resources, advising, editing help, the perfect branding photos, or just being a friend...I'm here for you. I want to help you succeed in business, but also, give you back more of your precious time. Let me help you take back the joy in your business one step at a time. Whether you're new to the game and already feeling overwhelmed or a seasoned pro and just need a break...Keep reading to see how I might could help you as a photographer!

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the things i wish someone would've told me to use when i first started...here's some of the tools i use to run a successful business!

business resources

I've tried a TON of different editing styles, presets, and actions, but by far, my favorite is the KJ Preset Process. This isn't just a set of one click presets. They are so customizable and the step by step process really streamlined editing.

My personal go-to is using Bold I or II, then brighten shadows, add a little contrast and vibrance, and add the Honey warm with cooler greens. Then I tweak my oranges and greens how I like them, and voila! Magic. My editing goes a lot more in depth than this, but this gives me the perfect base to start with!

Wanna try it? Check it out below. She has a WEALTH of great info and courses too! All of which made a huge impact on my biz!

KJ Preset Process


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I've tried a few different CRMs to see what fit me and my business best, and my current fav is Sprout Studio. I used to pay for all different programs to do my client management, galleries, and email marketing, then I found Sprout! It literally does it all.

It features an easy to use interface to keep projects organized, a huge variety of templates, tools to help you manage profit/loss margins, workflow automations, scheduling, and more. I love that not only do I have all of my business tools at my fingertips, but it also shows the weather and sunrise/sunset right there on my client's session page. No more flipping between apps! The Galleries are beautiful, the emails are seamless, and on my end and the client's end it's such a professional experience. I absolutely love how it has simplified my business workflows.

Sprout Studio

client management & galleries

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At the start of my career, I knew I needed a website but had ZERO clue the things I needed that website to feature to work for me and my business. Enter Showit...man, what a game changer!

Showit features an easy to use interface that allows you to customize your website and blog without having to know any HTML coding (score!) The design possibilities are truly endless with this software. There is a huge variety of design templates ranging from free to paid, so there's definitely something for every type of aesthetic. Also, customer service is pretty amazing should you ever encounter any issues!

Check out my link below to score 1 month free and try it out!



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One of the most daunting tasks in my business can sometimes be culling. Especially if I know I overshot photos or I have two other photogs with me and need to cull down their images as well as my own. I don't use this always, but when I do, its such a time saver!

AfterShoot is an AI powered culling software that learns your preferences while helping you automatically cull out things that would make you toss an image-like test shots, blurry or out of focus images, eyes closed or duplicate images. You of course get the final review, but the software is pretty spot on a majority of the time.

Sound good? Give it a try using my code and get 10% off of your subscription!



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Gone are the days of the traditional business card...and for someone like me, who is terrible at keeping up with them, Popl was the perfect option! I've been using Popl for over a year now and it has been such a cool thing for my business. Basically Popl works as a digital business card platform. You an add all of your business related links to one home page, along with brandable QR codes, CRM connectivity and integrations. 

It's so simple to use too! You can get a variety of products from stickers for the back of your phone to keychains (which is what I keep on my camera strap!). When someone wants your info all they have to do is tap your popl with their phone and it automatically brings up your info. Then they save it, Popl sends you their contact info and boom, you have a lead to turn into a customer! 


business cards

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Private one-on-one mentoring for up and coming photographers, or those who have been around a while and just want the guidance of someone who has been around a while.

private mentoring

this is still under wraps!


All the awesome details, mentoring options, and applications coming soon so stay tuned!